Hi, I'm Becky, a UK based, 100% British (according to a DNA test), Cotswold dwelling lifestyle blogger. I've been a blogger full-time since 2015 and love my job and the freedom it offers me. ​​​​​​

I'm so passionate about blogging, i now run two other blogs full-time including this one -  Fitness Focus Online  &  Educating My Life ...so if i'm not in the gym, or making healthy versions of once un-healthy recipes, you'll find me glued to my laptop...or planning an epic trip to Australia next year!!

I became a lifestyle blogger accidentally, it was only ever meant to be a hobby to hone my writing skills.  The Lifestyle Blogger UK , pretty self explanitory really, is a UK lifestyle blog with a little bit of everything inbetween.

You'll find articles on my blog such as...
Earn an Income Through a Lifestyle Blog
The Fitness Edition - Home Workouts​

I love hearing from people; whether it's just to say hi, or with the possibility to work together some how, so do get in touch .
I never used to write a lot about this topic on my blog, I guess I was quite naieve to what was healthy and what wasn't so healthy. I've always been a very slim person so never had to bother watching what I ate or how much exercise I did. I think the term used for peope like the OLD me is 'skinny fat' I wasn't fat but I had no muscle tone...or much muscle at all to be honest! Now however, I eat super healthy 90% of the time, hit the gym 5 times a week and make sure I get to at least 8k steps a day (more than that on most days), and I have never felt or looked better, both inside and out. I have more self-confidence in the way I look but more importantly, I don't care what others think about the way I look because i'm happy with how I look. If you'd like more information on fitness related topics, head over to my blog Fitness Focus where we talk everything health and fitness. 

I am very passionate about using natural products both in my body and on my skin, mainly because the thought of putting nasty chemicals on my skin (or in my body through eating bad foods) is kinda scary! Having said that, I hardly use any form of skincare other than the basics as I don't think you need much, especially if you have a really good diet, having an amazing diet will help you from the inside out. Coconut Oil is so beneficial for your skin, my absolute best friend for skincare and a product I use on a daily basis, I don't use deodorant (haven't done since 2016 and don't need it) and i don't EVER wear make-up...never have!

I'm very passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and to me, food is where it starts.  Eating the freshest, most nutritious foods I can find that aren't filled with refined sugars and un-healthy fats. I tried being a vegetarian for a while and I just found I craved healthy meats like turkey and actually, for me, I feel better for eating a little meat every day, however 90% of my meals are plant based, the meat is just there for a protein top-up to help me at the gym. I don't drink alcohol and don't smoke. I love to create recipes (of which you will find here on my blog) wth a healthy twist. Finding the un-healthy versions and making them healthier - using buckwheat flour insead of white flour, using date sugar instead of refined sugar, coconut oil instead of butter...etc

My other passion is to travel. We are currently trying to decide whether 2020 will be the year we make our epic trip to Australia and go travelling up the gold cost for a few months, or whether we do Hawaii instead...and maybe a few others before heading to the other side of the world. Last year we took a trip to SanFrancisco , which was awesome! We did all the touristy things including taking a trip to Alcatraz, going on a boat underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, went whale watching (and saw some) and went to Yosemite which was the highlight of the trip for me. I have never been some where so breath-takingly stunning. Eveywhere you go is a 'WOW' moment. I just can't wait to go back again one day...for much longer!

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